Founded and run by Spencer Wilson (an experienced Personal Trainer, keen competitive cyclist and ex England Junior), Personal Bikefit was created after a recognition of a lack of Cycling Performance Centres available to London’s keen cycling community. We found our home in W8, right next to our Personal Training Studio, Personal Lifefit, and have been kitting out, fitting and providing specialist cycle performance training for Londoners since 2008.

Here at Personal Bikefit, we pride ourselves on providing a perfectly individual and complete bike experience, from kitting and fitting you out with one of the world’s best bikes to providing carefully tailored performance training, using a variety of advanced methods. Our focus here is on establishing strong, consistent cycling technique, benefitting commuters and competitive cyclists alike. What makes us different is the depth of our Physical, Physiological and Biomechanical knowledge and an ability to use this to adjust and tailor your training on the bike and in the gym, to give you the strategy and technique to perform to the best of your ability. With a trusted team of Bike-fitters, Osteopaths and fitness professionals at our disposal, we can provide a uniquely personal and thorough service. Examples of the comprehensive performance services that we offer are Pedalling Analysis, Watt Bike Training, Bike Fitting and competition standard coaching. All training programmes are 100% customisable to suit you, your lifestyle, and your specific ambitions; so do get in touch and we can work together to take your cycling to new levels of performance.

The other, equally important, service provided here at Personal Bikefit is as a registered dealer of the world’s most prestigious bike manufacturers including Colnago, Cipollini, Orbea, Basso and Nevi Titanium. We set out to offer our clients access to the best of international bike design, and we are proud to still uphold these original aims.

To this end we carefully choose our range of featured manufacturers so that every bike that we order, build and fit, comes with a guarantee of quality and style as well as advanced technological and aerodynamic design. We would love to help you find your perfect bike, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We want to hear from you, so let us know how we can help you achieve your ultimate cycling dreams.